Who am I?

Firstly, I’ll tell you who I’m not. I’m not a professional psychologist with a keen insight into the human psyche. I’m not a rich young entrepreneur with a multitude of successful e-businesses, and I’m not wizened philosopher with decades of life experience. What does that make me, then? Is my advice less valuable, because I lack prestige? I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why…

IMGP6034I am the 20-year-old Everyman of the Millennial generation. Like most of us, I struggle with motivation, I’m unhealthily attached to technology, and I’m the victim of separated parents.

God, you must be thinking. This guy’s life is a tragedy! Well, when you prejudice information, it’s easy to create a story that never even existed. Like the rest of the planet, I’ve had my share of trauma, and consequently have my share of faults. However, I am also keenly insightful, broadly creative, and find the world and the people who inhabit it absolutely fascinating. I grew up both in Scotland and South Africa; I understand the potential in life for both absolute beauty, as well as sorrow and misery. I was brought up with a reverence for nature, which holds true to this day. I spend an awful lot of time thinking and reflecting on just about every element of our experience. I think it’s time to share some of these thoughts. Who knows, maybe you’ll find them useful.

What is this?

Pseudo Philosopher is my blogging pseudonym. My name is actually Tobie Pettigrew, and Whitemowgli is a nickname (Mowgli, because I lived in South Africa, white because, well, I’m as white as any Scotsman). This blog is simply a platform for quality thoughts and reflection. Here are some of my guarantees to you, the reader:

  • Quality – every post will have hours of quality research, thought and editing
  • Variety – content will vary from socio-political commentary to thought-provoking musings, all designed to be interesting, and most of all, to encourage debate.
  • Interaction – I will answer every email and question, communicate with other bloggers and edit my posts for accuracy if fairly prompted
  • Originality – I strive to share entirely original material; if something inspires me, I’ll either mention or share it for everyone to enjoy

If I fail to deliver on these fronts, you, the reader, has all the right to pull me up for it. In the mean time, keep reading, subscribe and enjoy the ride.







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